For basic detoxification

We recommend one box of Medicardium, one box of Xeneplex, one box of Glytamins and one bottle of Lymplex taken as follows:

  • Day one: One Lymplex capsule with each meal (3 total for the day) and one Medicardium suppository sometime during the day
  • Day two: One Lymplex capsule with each meal (3 total for the day) and one Glytamins suppository sometime during the day
  • Day three: One Lymplex capsule with each meal (3 total for the day) and one Xeneplex suppository sometime during the day
  • Day four: Repeat day one
  • Day five: Repeat day two
  • Day six: Repeat day three . . .

Cycling through like this will give you our standard 30 day cleanse. If you are also taking Ellagica, you would take it along with the Lymplex capsules one per meal for 30 days.

At the end of the 30 days, you should notice an increase in your health. After this first cleanse, depending on your needs, you can continue with individual products as needed.

As an example, someone wishing to detoxify mercury from dental fillings might use another two boxes of Medicardium for months two and three taking one suppository every third day.

Another example would be someone who specifically wanted to detoxify chemicals would instead use two boxes of Xeneplex for months two and three taking one suppository every third day, etc. There is no hard and fast rule as to how long to take these products. It depends on the level of a person’s toxic exposure.

For general maintenance

We recommend the basic detoxification protocol every 3 to 12 months depending on the level of toxic exposure.

As an example, a person living in a city with city air, or someone who commutes for more than an hour a day or someone whose workplace is toxic might do a basic detoxification protocol every change of seasons.

A person who lives in a small town with the occasional pesticide spraying of crops in the distance and city water might do a basic detoxification protocol every 6 months.

A person who lives in a small town who raises and eats their own food and lives close to nature might only do the basic detoxification protocol once a year.

For circulation

We recommend one box of medicardium every month (every third day) until proper circulation is restored.

For the prostate

We recommend alternating Medicardium and Endosterol suppositories every night for two months and then reassess.

For liver detox

We recommend alternating Xeneplex and Glytamins every night for 30 days.

For general rejuvenation

You can take one Rejuvelon every 2nd or 3rd night for general rejuvenation. Daily use during acute crises is acceptable but is not recommended for long term. The goal is to augment S.O.D, catalase and melatonin production, but not downregulate them.

For the Andropak Male Rejuvenation Protocol

There are 2 parts to the Andropak Male Rejuvenation Protocol. There are the supplements and the lifestyle changes.

The supplement protocol is as follows:

  • Andropak capsules: 1-4 capsules 30 minutes before lovemaking. Begin with 1 capsule, use up to four if needed.
  • Endosterol: One suppository every 3rd day for one month.
  • Medicardium: Once suppository every 3rd day. One box for every decade you’ve been alive.

The lifestyle protocol is as follows:

  • Cold exposure as intensely and often as possible.
  • Kegel exercises 5 times a day for 5 minutes.
  • Cardio twice a week until short of breath.

Cautionary notes:


Any acute symptoms that a client experiences are most likely caused by hypocalcemia. 10 is considered a perfect calcium score on a blood chemistry but many people have calcium levels of 9.2 or lower. Since calcium free EDTA will temporarily lower blood calcium, people who are low in calcium to begin with will go to even lower levels and symptoms of their calcium deficiency will manifest. Consider giving them two teaspoons of calcium in a glass of water immediately and 1 teaspoon 12 hours before and after any other Medicardium usage. If a client experiences fatigue, consider adding calcium, zinc, chromium, manganese and cobalt in supplemental form. Hypocalcemia can be experienced as leg cramps or changes in heart rhythm.

Medicardium is a salt, and like any salt, if placed on an open cut it will sting. As such, Medicardium should not be used if a person has active hemorrhoids. Medicardium should be coated with Vaseline before use. Another option is to take another suppository first, wait 5 minutes then take Medicardium. The cocoa butter from the other suppository will coat the colon and help if stinging is present. Many people have hemorrhoids without knowing it. If medicardium is causing stinging that lasts for more than a few minutes, cease taking it for a few days to let the area heal.


People suffering from MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) have been immensely helped by Xeneplex. Having said that, the first week after taking one Xeneplex suppository can be very hard for people with MCS. Know that the reaction will stop usually within 7 day. Then, take another suppository. The reaction should be much milder and shorter. Keep taking Xeneplex until you no longer get any difficult reaction and you will see incredible improvements in your MCS.


Clients will rarely see gallstones come out whole, but rather see them in their dissolved form as black or green slime in the stool. Reports of kidney stones being expelled are rare but do exist. Symptoms of intense detoxing including but not limited to fever, fatigue and feeling a sense of heat, dryness and squeezing near the liver. If any of these symptoms appear, stop taking Glytamins until symptoms are clear, then try again at less frequent intervals. Clients with low cholesterol (<160) may have bile deficiencies. You can give them 2 raw egg yolks a day to help rebuild their bile and cholesterol production.

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