Metatrol American Biosciences Fermented Wheat Germ
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Daily Immune and Cell Repair Support

  • Supports cell metabolic regulation
  • Promotes immune system modulation
  • Increases immune systems ability to identify harmful cells for destruction

If Youre Facing the Tremendous Emotional and Physical Stress of Not-So-Good News, Heres Good News This is a serious health topic, with good news attached to it. After you read this, youll be armed with crucial health information that will forever change your life…or the life of someone you love. Heres why; unhealthy cells in the body quietly drain the energy and life from healthy cells. They do it behind the scenes and hidden from view. One day, youre healthy, the next day…

Terrible news from the doctor This happens to people everywhere, every hour, of every day. What to do? Until recently, few choices were available. But now, that has all changed because of a recent scientific breakthrough from Hungary thats based on Nobel Prize winning research. This new discovery is a natural method of fighting disrupted cell metabolism. It lends support to conventional options. And thankfully, its now available to people in the United States…

Metatrol…big hopes from a little box Metatrol is a new dietary supplement that contains a unique ingredient called fermented wheat germ extract (FWGE). This compound, produced by a proprietary process of fermenting wheat germ, yields a molecule called DMBQ (2,6-dimethoxy-p-benzoquinone). This substance has been proven to be one of the single most important natural discoveries ever made! Hundreds of physicians now recommend Metatrol and the number keeps growing. Medical literature reports that FWGE, the ingredient in Metatrol offers people “significant improvement,” is “highly recommended,” and “exerts a number of beneficial effects.” Thousands of grateful people have discovered that Metatrol works within a matter of weeks or even days, providing them with a new lease on life. People like Beverly K, from Arizona. She and her doctor were both stunned by how Metatrol helped her body to completely rejuvenate her health…and life: “My doctor didnt have very much hope for me. Im now very much alive and doing well.”

3 unique, powerful ways Metatrol supports a depleted immune system 1. Regulates and modulates the immune system, so that all of your white blood cells work in perfect harmony. 2. Exposes enemy cells so they can be destroyed by Natural Killer cells, the most important white blood cells in your immune system. 3. Starves enemy cells by depriving them of the massive amounts of glucose they need to survive. Lets look at these three things in detail. Then it will be clear to you why hundreds of doctors recommend Metatrol, thousands of people take it daily to stay healthy, and millions more can benefit.

Helps to regulate and modulate T-cells, B-cells, NK cells and macrophages To fight invading cells and keep you healthy, all of the white blood cells in your immune system have to work together in perfect harmony. These cells must perform their unique functions on cue, to offer you the best immune protection possible. They need to be regulated and modulated, and Metatrol helps the body lead them, much like an orchestra leader. For instance, imagine if you went to listen to a symphony and there was no conductor. The brass horns would blow when they felt like it, strings would squeak when they wanted, drummers would bang at random…youd hear nothing but a garbled mess. But when you put an orchestra leader in front of all the musicians, you hear only a beautiful, harmonious symphony. Well, its the same with your immune system. T-cells, B-cells, Natural Killer cells, and macrophages are all important white blood cells in your immune system. They perform different functions and operate at different times, to keep you your healthiest. If nothing regulates and modulates them, theyll all do their own thing, whenever they want to and your protection is limited. When you take Metatrol, it acts as the orchestra leader for your immune system. This keeps every component playing “sweet music” together, running like a fine Swiss clock, and ganging up on invading cells. With Metatrol, your immune system works in perfect harmony just like a symphony orchestra. But thats only one thing Metatrol does. It also does much more …

Removes harmful cells masks and exposes them Foreign, enemy cells that get into your body will hide from your immune system behind something called an MHC1 mask. These harmful cells put on this fake mask, like Zorro at a costume ball, and fool the immune system into thinking theyre perfectly normal cells, so they dont get attacked. When your bodys enforcers— Natural Killer (NK) cells—come along, looking to kill any uninvited cells that shouldnt be there, theyre fooled into thinking the masked cells are normal cells. So the immune system leaves them alone and they continue to grow and proliferate behind this mask. But AvéULTRA is extremely powerful, inhibiting enemy cells from using this MHC1 mask, exposing them for the harmful cells they are. In essence, AvéULTRA rips off their masks so that the immune systems army, Natural Killer cells, can recognize and identify these cells as foreign and unfriendly and quickly destroy them.

Starves unfriendly cells Metatrol third immune support mechanism is to help the body regulate glucose metabolism at the cellular level. Every single cell in your body uses glucose as its energy source. The problem is, when you have enemy cells in your body, they use glucose at a rate that is 10 to 50 times faster than normal, healthy cells do. Thats why people with serious health issues get frail because massive amounts of glucose are being robbed from their healthy cells and providing a feast for these enemy cells to grow and reproduce. Metatrol helps the body regulate glucose metabolism so efficiently that the enemy cells are forced to use glucose at a normal, healthy rate. But guess what. These harmful cells cant survive without massive amounts of glucose, so they literally starve and die. By taking Metatrol everyday, it helps your body to destroy enemy cells while making healthy cells even healthier. Now its up to you to put these three Metatrol benefits to good use. Look over all the life-changing information you see here and share this information with friends and family. Because Metatrol is truly a marvel of nature, and for many, not only Good News, but the best news.

Nobel Prize Research…Product of the Year… Three CNN Reports Data on FWGE—including rigorous, controlled, human clinical trials—has been developed in over 100 studies, as described in more than 30 articles in peer-reviewed medical journals. The science behind FWGEs creation is based on the research of Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, awarded the 1937 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his part in the discovery of vitamin C and the processes of cell metabolism… In 2002, 2004, and again in 2006, CNN reported on FWGEs stunning immune restoring and enhancing powers. FWGE has been thoroughly tested in the U.S., Hungary, and over 10 other countries and studied by over 200 researchers from around the world, including scientists at UCLA.

Everybody Benefits from Metatrol Because it… Is an excellent way for anyone to keep his or her entire immune system in tune and “battle-ready”…
Brightens quality of life and helps people feel stronger and more hopeful…
Reduces fatigue…
Elevates mood and enhances mental clarity…
Is well tolerated by most people. No serious side effects have been reported in extensive human testing…
Can be taken on an extended basis for months or even years…
Can be used with other dietary supplements …

Product Condition: New
Brand: American BioSciences
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Al Krauth very interesting
very interestiong indeedMETATROL
I read the whole write up, are there any experiments by cancer patients, especially lung cancer type adeno or similar, if successful I would be interested to know soon.
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