DiaDENS-PCM 5 - Russian Model Denas Pain Relief Electrostimulator
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The new DENAS-PCM appliance combines the most successful and effective modes, that the company has ever developed. In addition, DENAS-PCM is more convenient in management of the therapeutic process.

New capabilities of the appliance are really unique and, in general, allow us to recommend it to the widest audience possible:

  • to experts of DENS-therapy, specialists, who are able to make individual treatment schemes with usage of different frequencies (high, medium, modulated and subsonic - the so-called Voll's frequencies);
  • to those who have no time to examine the nuances of different frequencies action, but want to get the most out of the appliance;
  • to those who prefer to use the appliance according to the principle "use it where it hurts";
  • to technology experts and those who are technologically challenged.

With DENAS-PKM at your disposal you have all frequencies and modes, that have ever been implemented in DENS and that make the new model a tool for solving a wide range of tasks.

First, with frequencies and programs of the "Therapy" mode you can make your own effects scheme, taking individual characteristics into account. So, in "Therapy" mode a wide range of therapeutic frequencies is traditionally presented: 10, 20, 60, 77, 140, 200 Hz, «77АМ» and «7710». And exclusive DENAS-PKM – subsonic frequencies from 1 to 9,9 Hz, that may be used as an addition to basic treatment, making the recovery sessions even more effective.

Second, if you expect to carry out the the full therapeutic session, but don't know how, you can use the automated programs. The algorithm is simple: the patient describes his condition (for example, he suffers from gastritis) and looks for a necessary program in the list (in this example it's "stomach pain"), and after it the appliance itself sets up for the right wave (for the programmed frequencies). The patient just has to open the user manual, which shows in detail the positions and the order of zones treating in each of these programs. By the way, the new DENAS-PKM already has 24 automated treatment programs (instead of 13 in the previous generation model). Now the menu includes such items as:

   1) Allergy
   2) Pain
   3) Severe Pain
   4) Bloating
   5) Neuro-Circulatory Dystonia
   6) Gynecologic Pain
   7) Gynaecology
   8) Hypertension
   9) Hypotonia
   10) Head
   11) Throat
   12) Diarrhea
   13) Gastro-intestinal Pain
   14) Constipation
   15) Cough
   16) Muscles
   17) Cold
   18) Potency
   19) Kidneys
   20) Back
   21) Joints
   22) Nausea
   23) Trauma
   24) Asthma

It's important that all the automated programs work when using remote electrodes, as well.

Third, thanks to the enlarged therapeutic capabilities and the "Screening" mode one can clearly define the problem and provide more targeted treatment.

In other words, DENAS-PCM was and still is the premium DENS appliance: pleasant to use and easy to get what you want with it, while spending the minimum time and effort.

Delivery cost:

  • Europa, UK, USA, Canada, Australia - 20 USD

We ship via Express courier service, delivery time is about 10-12 days.


  • New "infraslow" frequencies of 1.0 to 9.9 Hz
    (with the minimal step 0.1 Hz);

    You can choose necessary frequency depend upon a disease.

    For example:
    ... 1.2 Hz - Autoimmune diseases, tachycardia, knee joint weakness
    ... 2.5 Hz - Insomnia, vegetative disorders, hypermenorrhoea, headache associated with the nasal sinus diseases, haemorrhages, brain contusions, lesions, menor-rhages, uterine myoma, oedemas, toxic and infectious liver damages, hepatitis, cirrhosis, parodontosis, sinusitis, contusions, eczema
    ... 9.2 Hz - Hypertension, otogenic headache, nephrogenic headache, gout, diastolic hypertension, dermatitis, spastic paralysis, nephrosclerosis, uremia, furunculosis, eczema (including the one combined with renal function disorders), diabetes mellitus

  • Therapy "10, 20 Hz":

    Universal regimens for correction of psycho-emotional state and hormonal imbalance

  • Therapy "60, 77, 140 Hz":

    Special regimens for therapy of pain, edema, inflammation, rehabilitation in case of spinal and joint diseases

  • Therapy "200 Hz":

    Special regimen for quick pain relief

  • Program "MED":

    Minimal Effective Doze - special regimen for therapy of stress and physical overstrain, prevention of various diseases

  • Program "SCREENING":

    Helps to selects the optimal zones and points for therapy

  • New therapeutic frequencies 77.10 and 77.AM

    77.10 - It produces obvious relaxing effect in the form of reducing the wakefulness level, induces relaxation and drowsiness. It can be effectively used for elimination of pain, in sleep disorders, and anxiety conditions.

    77.AM - This regime produces effects opposite to those of the regime "7710". It is effective when used as a preventive and treatment of physical and mental fatigue, for emotional stress, or depressions

The Method

Essential point of method

Dynamic electroneurostimulation (DENS) is a new method of electro- neurostimulation penetrating through the skin, consisting in influence on particular active reflexogenous zones by short impulses of current , constantly reacting by transformation of their form to the alteration of skin resistance in the zone under electrode.

Advantage of method

Dynamically altering form of impulses excites not only sensitive, but also motive nerves, which results in not only immediate symptomatic effect, but in a steady analgesic effect. Dynamically altering form of impulses almost excludes the accommodation (adaptation) of excitable tissues to the impulse.

The next characteristic peculiarity is a "dosed regime" of influence, which allows switching the action off automatically after reaching required level of impedance. In the regime of "dosed" influence the device automatically switches off when electric skin parameters reach a certain level and remain on that level during a set period of time.


Apparatus treatment is performed only in presence of pain complaint. Complaint is present – treatment is performed. No complaint – no treatment.

DENS-therapy should be started immediately after pain complaint appearance. Timely use of the apparatus gives a possibility to achieve positive results quicker.

Please allow 25 days for shipping

Product Condition: New
Brand: DENAS
Product Code: DiaDENS-PCM5


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