Olive CPAP Machine with Accessories OLV-C00
$329.00 inc. tax
One of the smallest and advanced travel CPAP on the market with great pricing. With 128x64 LCD screen. The power supply is build-in so only a cord is external. Super compact and quiet. Dimension for the machine without the humidifier is (W x D x H) 9.5" x 7" x 5". Weight is 2.76 lb. 

Adjustable Constant Tempature Humidifier system
Automatic Leakage Compensation
Automatic Altitude Compensation
Detail Data(AHI,Event, Pressure and airflow)
USB download to PC
110/220V support

Standard Accessories included: ($150 value)
Face mask with head belt
6 Ft tubing
Water tank
Heating module
Carrying Case

This is the advanced Model with hose, mask,carrying case and humidifier included in this purchase. Please note that this is NOT an APAP and does not have compliance software capability (No SD card). We also provide phone support upon request. Power supply is universal and works with 110 - 240 V

Compare with other CPAP machines, we have below advantages:
1. Silent, <30db noise="" good="" for="" users="" span="">
2. The cost performance is high, due to the competitive price;
3.  Auto-leak Compensation: users movement or the wrong way to wear mask may cause airflow leak during sleep. The pressure will reduce because of airflow leak. This device can auto-detect leak, and make compensation to ensure the pressure;
4. Auto-altitude compensation: the pressure can be adjusted according to altitude to ensure the pressure of the CPAP;
5. Overheating protection: humidifier will be auto-off when overheating;
6. Independent airflow channel: the electronics and airflow have their own different channels. It can exclude the smoking which caused by electronics broken;
7. Parameters locked automatically: to avoid wrong operation, parameters can be locked after setting;
Product Advantage:
1. 128*64 LCD display
3. Operation easily, Backup time for night operation
3. Fashionable design
4. Control breathing at real time of patient by breathing curve
5. Silent
6. High cost performance;

Technical advantage:
1. The machine adopts imported movement technology.
2. ultra-quiet design.
3. capable of constant heating.
4. USB port for download the data
5. Large LCD display
6. Ramp.
7. The machine is working to achieve human-computer synchronization.
Product Condition: New
Brand: Olive
Product Code: olv-c00


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