AHCC 60 Capsules 750mg per Cap
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Consisting of a cultured extract of hybridized mushroom mycelia (roots), AHCC® (active hexose correlated compound) is one of the worlds most researched specialty immune supplements, supported by over 20 clinical studies.1-20 Studies on AHCC® have been conducted at some of the finest research institutions worldwide, including Ivy League universities and major health centers.

AHCC® has a very low molecular weight of just 5,000 daltons and is rich in alpha-glucans, increasing absorption and efficacy. Because of its superior supporting research, AHCC® is used by an estimated 1,000 clinics worldwide.

AHCC® has been shown to help maintain

  • Optimal natural killer (NK) cell activity
  • Cytokine production
  • Optimal T-cell activity
  • Optimal macrophage activity
  • Activity and number of dendritic cells

Serving Size 2 Caps or 1500 mg


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